Martin Goulding

My name is Martin Goulding and I'm a professional guitarist/teacher/producer based in London.

Since graduating from G.I.T (London) in 1993, I have worked professionally as a guitar player and teacher, joining the faculty of the prestigious Guitar Institute in 1998 where I am currently the course writer and specialist in Higher Diploma/Degree level Modern Rock studies.

I have worked as a regular monthly columnist for Guitar Techniques (UK) magazine and Guitar World (USA) as well as online magazine The Sound, specialising in advanced Rock/Metal techniques as well as course leader and clinician for the International Guitar Foundation summer schools.

My work has been featured in the international bestseller "Guitar A Complete Guide For The Player " published in 2002. I have worked as a session musician for Chappell recorded music library; Bruton Music, Zomba as well as TV theme music for the BBC. I also engineer/play/program and produce for artists in styles from pop/soul/funk/rock/metal, and produce and write for UK progressive-metal-fusion band Linear Sphere, who have just released their 2012 album Manvantara.