Paul Coutts


My name is Paul Coutts and I'm a guitar player from the UK currently based in London I've been playing guitar for over 10 years now, and have had many years of teaching experience. I've played in many bands around Dubai, such as Disuse, The Sparkplugs, and I am currently with We Left As Skeletons.

My preferred style of music is punk rock, skate punk, hardcore punk, but I'm open to and listen to almost anything. My biggest influences for playing guitar are Lagwagon, Strung Out, Bad Religion and Propagandhi.

I took a year our in 2008-09 to study at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London where I earned my Higher Diploma in Guitar Performance.

Currently, I am studying at The Institute (London) for a BA in Creative Musicianship.

I play Music Man guitars mostly, of which I'm playing a Music Man Axis, Music Man Axis Super Sport and a Music Man Silhouette Special and currently use Blackstar Amplication.