About L4G

For a long time the word in the guitar community has been that tuition is too rigid and too expensive. The prevailing methods concentrate too much on teaching packages, rather than on the students' choice of material.

How did we come up with the idea for this website?

Although the choice is plentiful, it is often marketed in such a way that students end up with a lot of material that they never use. This happens for two main reasons:

  • Students buy packages that contain material that they already know or are not interested in.
  • They subscribe to courses which are overloaded with material that they can' t work through in a given time frame. This sentiment is equally shared by instructors and by students.

This is where we come in!

We promise to enable you to learn what you want, only what you want and nothing else... and only when you want it. It's pretty simple... We have devised a system that offers individual lessons, available for download. There are different lessons for different skill levels and different musical interests. Many lessons are available free of charge. Some lessons incur a small charge due to complexity of the lesson and time taken to make it. However, the emphasis is on value for money. Should you choose to download a chargeable lesson it becomes yours to keep and go back to, any time you want and as many times as you want. Should you wish to learn something else then simply download the next lesson and away you go... in your own time... at your own pace. No more expensive packages or expensive subscriptions.