Andreia Gomez

I was born in a small fishing village in the south coast of Portugal. I picked up the guitar when I was 14, after watching a video of Guns N’ Roses on the “Appetite for Destruction” tour and falling in love with Slash, lol!

After four years of playing the same three chord songs and beginning to believe one had to be God gifted to learn the guitar, I learnt of a school that could teach any ignorant how to become a professional musician (so they say…haha). In September 2002, I came to the Guitar Institute in London to do a three month course and ended up staying for the whole year to complete a diploma course. Thrilled by all the information available to me and the consequent fast improvement of my skills, I decided to enroll in a degree in music performance. My musical taste matured and I took interest in several music styles of which prog rock, world music and fusion became strong influences. A metal head at heart, I decided to merge these with heavy metal riffs and I found my path as a songwriter.

Last year, after many tribulations and 2 and a half years off due to health reasons, I finally started my progressive metal band M.I.N.D. It paid off, within 2 months we were voted Best New & Unsigned Band 2009 and I'm now on the way to finishing our first album. My time is split between teaching, writing music, gigging and managing my band.

Check us out!