Theo Milne-Picken

Hello Everyone

I'm Theo and I have been playing guitar for about 11 years. I mostly specialise in metal, rock and blues. I am currently studying at Leeds College of Music doing Classical Composition. I have achieved Grade 8 Guitar but I also have Grade 8 Drums and Grade 7 Piano.

Some of my main influences are Dream Theater, Muse, Joe Bonamassa, Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Led Zeppelin, Yngwie Malmsteen,  Metallica, Daath, Nevermore, Rage Against the Machine and many more.

The guitars that I use are three PRS SE's, one singlecut and two tremontis, a Chapman Guitars ML1, an Ibanez SA, a 7 string and a 12 string acoustic but I am planning on selling these.

Thanks for reading and I hope youe enjoy my lessons and please feel free to check out my YouTube channel.