Jamie Stungo

The highlight of my guitar playing career so far has to be playing at the London International Music show along with some of my heroes: Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert and Yngwie. Awesome! I even shook Yngwie's hand. Hopefully some of the magic rubbed off!!

I've played just about every small venue in London with a classic rock band a few years ago, which was a fun, if sometimes gruelling experience. I've played to some huge crowds too but haven't quite yet got to the point where I have a full time lackey tuning my guitar for me and changing the strings! I've played in all kinds of bands, from stoner metal to prog to acoustic jazz and everything in-between. I teach regularly, I've worked with some famous producers, been on TV, done picture publicity (posing with guitars) and a bit of magazine work. What next? Who knows!

I'm a big fan of guitar tuition videos and have a pretty extensive collection, so I like to think that I know a good lesson when I see one. Therefore, all my submissions to Live4guitar will be accompanied by a comprehensive theoretical and practical (technique) analysis in the form of a Word document.