Slavko Pekarić

FIrst picked up an instrument at the age of 5 or something, it was a mandolin. At 7 started taking classical guitar lessons, and two years after that got signed into a music school in Novi Sad, Josip Slavenski. Played classical guitar until I was about 15, then got a little bored and took a break from playing for about 3 years (and broke a finger in the process, the index finger of the left hand, that was a drag...). After the break picked up the instrument once again, although this time playing with the pick rather than fingernails. Soon afterwards bought my first electric guitar and started practicing more intensively. Since than I've played in several bands, from pop to heavy metal. I currently play in a local cover band called Me Gusto. My influences are guitar heroes such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Al Dl Meola, Gary Moore, Nuno Battencourt and many others who would make this list extremely long. Currently I am mostly a fan of good acoustic instrumental music, progressive rock and metal, but as any other musician, my scope is always expanding.