Marcos De Ros

Marcos De Ros Marcos De Ros began his musical career when he was 9 years old, copying some harmonies and melodies at the guitar. When he was 10, he started musical lessons and studying some hours a day. In 1985, at the age of 14, he used to present his first shows with his rock band, named "GARGANTHUAE", and in 1988 he played in several bands and performed different kinds of music, from jazz-fusion to thrash metal. At this time, he began violin classes. In 1989, he was hired as violinist at the "Orquestra de Câmara de Caxias do Sul". In 1991, he made up the power trio "DE ROS" with Sandro Stecanela (drums) and Fábio Alves (bass). With this group of musicians, he recorded some demos and presented some shows in Rio Grande do Sul and as well in the center of the country. In 1992, he performed as a guest musician in the "RADICCI" record, by the label "Official Bootlegs". In 1994, he released his first record with "DE ROS" band, the independent CD "AD DEI GLORIAM", which has gotten an excellent repercussion both, from the public and from the critic. Three years later (97), it was time for a new CD, "UNIVERSE”, with the same line-up but more diverse and sophisticated than the first one. The guitar player released his third CD, "MASTERPIECES", in 1999. In this work, Marcos De Ros plays music from many composers such as Villa Lobos, Paganini and Bach, among others. In late April 2000, he started to travel around Europe with "AKASHIC", a Progressive Metal band. They played in Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Netherlands. In late 2000, he recorded "AKASHIC" first CD, "TIMELESS REALM". In the following year, 2001, the musician did a lot of workshops and played in some projects of local artists. He also played in the “Terceiro festival internacional de Violão Erudito de Caxias”, an international festival of Classical Guitar. He was the only one teacher who plays an electric guitar at the event. He also appeared on the CDs – Hellion Collection (with Akashic) and in the Guitarapalooza (solo). 2002 was the year to make the pre-production of a new Akashic CD and to release his first instructional guitar CD-Rom, “ADVANCED GUITAR TECHNIQUES”, trough the site Chops From Hell. He also made a special appearance at the Paulo Barros CD, “GEMINI”, playing along with Tommy Newton. At the beginning of 2003 Akashic recorded his second CD, “A BRAND NEW DAY”, trough Frontline records, again with the production of Luis Barros. In this same year he participated in the “Virtual Guitar Virtuosos” compilation, made especially for the Thailand’s market. In 2004, along with the guitar player Pablo Soler, he made a long tour throughout Paraguay, Argentina and Bolivia, called “SOUTH AMERICAN GUITAR MASTERS”, including 40 live gigs in these countries. He also participated in the “Shawn Lane Remembered Vol.II”, released by Lion Records (Finland) . He released “MASTERPIECES 2”, as well. Marcos did another South American tour with Pablo Soler in 2005 .Apart from that, he released his second instructional CD Rom, “INTENSE PICKING”, once more with the Chops From Hell as a partner. Moreover, Marcos did several concerts as a soloist musician, as well as with Akashic. In the following year, 2006 , lot’s of tours in South América. He also recorded another instructional DVD for Chops From Hell, this time with his friend Pablo Soler. In 2007 and 2008 the guitar player did some tours in Germany with AKASHIC and Chile/Bolívia with Pablo Soler. At that time his signature distortion pedal was release by WAVEBOX, as well his signature guitar Strap, by IBOX. It was also released a DVD with some old footage of his band, DE ROS, called LIVE 9793, and Marcos start to work as a composer for movie soundtracks, with the works: 30 SEGUNDOS DE LUZ, FINADOS and SE MILAGRES DESEJAIS. 2009 begins with his book “TOQUE DE MESTRE” series, called “TÉCNICAS INCENDIÁRIAS”, by HMP, with distribuition all over Brazil, and he also start a weekly participation in a national TV Show, STAY HEAVY, with his own spot - DESCENDO A LENHA. Nowadays he is working in his new project “PEÇAS DE BRAVURA” (PIÈCES DE RÉSISTANCE) just released.