Adam Kelly

Hi! I'm Adam Kelly, and welcome to my Live4Guitar page. I've been playing guitar for 4 years now, lead for about 2.5 years. I've been taking lessons for about 2 years, they have made me so much better in a short amount of time.

I started playing guitar in my 7th grade jazz band. I progressively got into heavier stuff, and from 8th-9th grade all I cared about playing or listneing to was Metallica. Since then, I've opened my mind much further, as I love many styles of music and respect 99% of what's out there. My main "shred" influence is Joey Tafolla, but I love other guitarists such as my favorite thrash guitarist Danny Spitz, or my favorite hardcore guitarist Sam Trapkin. However, overall my favorite player would have to be Michael Paget from Bullet For My Valentine. Even though I don't care for their music as much I used to, I love his playing.

I've made an account here to try and get ready for a teaching job when I turn 18, and to try to share what I know with people who would benefit from my knowledge.

You can check out my music and videos at

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I hope to talk to you soon!