Learning guitar just got easier and more affordable

Live4guitar is the place where you can improve your guitar skills in your own time , at your own pace. You don't need to pay for subscription or buy tutorial packages. Only study the material you are interested in.

Ready to learn?

For a long time the word in the guitar community has been that the tuition is too ridged and too expensive. The prevailing methods concentrate too much on teaching packages, rather than on students' choice of material they wish to learn. Although the choice is plentiful, it is often marketed in such a way that students end up with a lot of material that they never use.

This happens for two main reasons. Students buy packages that contain material that they already know or are not interested in, or they subscribe to courses which are overloaded with material that they can't work through in a given time frame. This sentiment is equally shared by instructors and by students.

This is where we come in.

We promise to enable you to learn what you want, only what you want and nothing else but what you want... and only when you want it.

Why learn here

We have devised a system that offers individual lessons, available for download.

There are different lessons for different skill levels and different musical interests. Many lessons are available free of charge. Some lessons incur a small charge due to complexity of the lesson and time taken to make it. However, the emphasis is on value for money. Should you choose to download a chargeable lessons it becomes yours to keep and go back to, any time you want and as many times as you want. Should you wish to learn something else, simply download the next lesson and away you go...in your own time...at your own pace.

No more expensive packages or expensive subscription.

Choosing your lesson

Finding and buying guitar lessons There are many ways you can find material you are interested in:

1. Category list - Chose from different styles
2. Instructors list - Follow your favourite instructors
3. Keyword search - Access the search field on the top right of any page.
4. Featured lessons - Hand-picked by our site editors each week
5. Popular lessons - Check out our weekly summary of the most popular lessons
6. Top instructors - Look through the portfolios of our top instructors

Buying a lesson on the L4gis easy and inexpensive. Here's your step by step guide to buying your first items.

Step 1: Find a Lesson You Wish to Purchase There are lots of ways to find lessons, the most often used are the search field at the top of every page and browsing from the categories button on the top left. Other ways to find itemsinclude the popular Lessons page, featured lessons and collections. Once you've found an item that suits your needs, view the right-hand column and author's description for information about the item including what files are included, the price and compatibility. You may also wish to read the comments left by other users in the area below the item details.

Step 2: Sign In or Sign Up In order to purchase an item, you need to be a member of the marketplaces and be logged in. If you have previously signed up, simply enter your login credentials at the top of the page and hit the Sign In button. Otherwise go to the Sign Uppage and complete the form. Signing up only takes a minute and you'll be sent a verification email. You can contact authors, make comments on items and participate in the forums too.

Step 3: Deposit Cash The marketplaces work on a prepaid deposit system. So before you can buy an item you'll need to add some cash to your account. Click Deposit in the top panel of any page and you will be directed to the deposit page. Here you can deposit funds via Paypal. The minimum deposit is $20 and the maximum is $100 with $10 increments in between. You can top up your account at any time.

Step 4: Purchase & Download Your Files! With cash on your account, you are ready to purchase. Return to the item, and click Purchase. This will place the item on yourDownloads page where you should immediately download a copy. You can also add ratings here to give your feedback on the item.

The community

L4g is a marketplace where you can buy and sell guitar lessons. Whether you are a student or an instructor, you have complete freedom of choice with regards to the material you are interested in. As an instructor you retain full ownership and copyrights of your material. You also have a right to publish the same or different material elsewhere without incurring any penalties. As a student you have a right to personally enjoy purchased material. However, publishing and sharing or distributing such material will constitute an infringement of owners copyrights.

We like to think that it is this community who really owns the site and we do our best to make sure everyone get the most out of it by providing not just great marketplace facilities but also interactivity, news, competitions and whatever else we can dream up!