My Account!


"Editing your profile"

This subpage lets you change information about yourself, upload a biography, upload photos and so forth.

"Avatar & profile image"

Here you can choose an image to represent yourself on the site (an avatar). The profile image is a picture for your profile page.

"Social Networks"

Enter information about your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts and everyone can see them on your profile page.


If you're registered as an instructor then you'll see this tab and a few extra options in the "My Account" panel:

"My lessons"

Here you can keep track of what lessons you've uploaded and their approval status.

"Add a lesson"

If you want to submit new lessons for approval, use this option.


Here you can keep an eye on how you're doing in terms of sales. You should note that the amount shown is your net profit and not the gross amount charged (including administration fees for L4G).



If you've purchased lessons then you can use this tab to download them. Remember to do so quickly after purchasing because the link doesn't remain active indefinitely. You have about 6 hours, normally to download.

"Payment History"

If you bought a lesson then you can view a record of it here.

"Deposit (Buy L4g Credit)"

Using this option you can deposit anywhere between $20 and $100 into your account and use it to make lesson purchases. You can view your credit at the top of your screen, to the left of the "My Account" button. The table at the bottom shows a record of all your deposits.

"Manage your credentials"

Use this to change your password, email address and profile name.