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Limehouse Blues


"Limehouse Blues" is a jazz standard written by Douglas Furber (lyrics) and Philip Braham (music). In this gypsy jazz lesson I have implemented phrases that the great gypsy players use (Stochello, Bireli,Gonzalo, Debare etc...) You will learn how to improvise over the changes and improve your jazz/gypsy jazz


  • Main Video
  • 21 close up video (slow and fast showing every part)
  • 2 speed backing tracks
  • Tab in Guitar Pro 5, 6, 7 and PDF
  • Lesson description


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"Limehouse Blues" is a jazz standard written by the London-based duo of Douglas Furber (lyrics) and Philip Braham (music).

The great gypsy jazz musicians often play this brilliant tune in their repertoire.

In my "Limehouse Blues" gypsy jazz lesson you will learn how to improvise over the changes and learn the main theme note by note as well as the improvisation.

It is full of useful licks that you can use in your jazz vocabulary.

I have provided 9 pages full tabs where I have marked the right chords ( with the exact position and fingering that I have used to play the rhythm guitar) and the picking patterns for the solo (upstrokes and downstrokes)

of EVERY NOTE that I have played here so you can get the maximum insight of how it is played.

The 2 backing tracks included in this lesson are in different tempo - 240bm and a version which is 25% slower. Depending on your skill level you can choose which tempo is right for you.

There are 22 slow and fast videos showing each section separatelly.

- 1 video for the intro

- 4 videos for the main theme

- 13 videos for the two progressions of the improvisation

- 4 more videos for the main theme at the end

The form of the composition is A-B-A-C.

--------------------------THE PROGRESSION-------------------------------------

//: C9 / % / % / % / A7 / % / % / % /

/ G6 / % / B7 / Em7 / A7 / % / D9 / % Db7 /

/ C9 / % / % / % / A7 / % / % / % /

/ G6 / E7 / Am6 E7 / Am6 E7 / Am7b5 / D9 / G6 D9 / G6 Db9 ://

This are the basic chords for the composition. In the rhythm guitar I have included also some passing chords which can be found in the TAB (those of you who use guitar pro 7 can view the right position of the fingers

used to play the chords - just click on CHORDS)

I hope you will like this lesson. Good luck practicing and feel free to leave a comment.

Have fun!

Damjan Pejcinoski