Dragutin Sukovic

Hey there, my name is Dragutin and I'm a guitar-holic ..I live 4 guitar and the guitar lives 4 me! When I was 9 years old i took the guitar in my mighty hands and became the best guitar player in the world ..NOT!  just joking... At age of 9 I wasn't very interested in playing the guitar! I just wanted to play because my older brother started to play, and as any younger brother I looked up to him! Slowly the guitar started to build up inside me, spreading its disease throughout my body and spirit! Poisoning my every blood cell ..condemning me to an eternity of G-hell (guitar hell). Now I'm a guitar-holic ..and the first step is admitting to yourself... I just have to say ..kids, take your daily dose of guit-amphetamine! Also, I am the co-founder and guitarist from the band Nasty Michelle. And that's about it for now. Peace ..love ya!!!